Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Homework 8 March

Here's the homework for today

-Thesis Statement Google Classroom Assignment (All 3 attached Docs)
-Google Classroom Assignment for Introduction Paragraph Practice 1



-Pg 16-17 of Notes

NOTE: Chemistry Filing is due in WEEK 10

Social Studies
-Self Directed Learning 3 Organs of States Slides (Google CR)
-"How does SG Government contribute to the needy in society?" Group Document (Group Leader submit to Google CR)

History (for those taking)

Biology (for those taking)
-Read Pg 13-14 of Introduction to Practical Assessment Handout

-Join S&W Google Classroom and fill in the Coaching Sheets and Team Members Lists

1) Chemistry Performance Task (Group) [1st DEADLINE: Friday 10/3/17, FINAL DEADLINE: Monday, 27/3/17]
2) Chinese [Standard] Performance Task (Group) [DUE: Tuesday, 14/3/17,]
3) Mathematics Performance Task (Group) [DUE: Monday, 27/3/17]

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