Thursday, March 9, 2017

March Holidays Homework! (yay)

Hi guys, I'll post today's homework as well as YOUR ONE STOP GUIDE FOR ALL MARCH HOLIDAY HOMEWORK YAY (I will amend accordingly if new homework comes tomorrow)

-Google Classroom Argumentative Writing Assignments 4,5,6 (only 6 is March HW)
-Google Classroom "Project Alpha"

-Check WhatsApp (AM02c)


-Workbook Worksheet 6
+Pg 42 Q1-4,
+Pg 48 Q1
(Check Google Classroom for post)

Social Studies
-SRQ Practice in Google Classroom
-Classification of Examples into 4 Principles of Governance (refer to slide 23 of Organs of State & Governance Principles Slides in Google Classroom)

Examples should be from:
+Slide 18 of Organs of State & Governance Principles Slides
+Pg 70-81 of Textbook

History (for those taking)
-SBQ Worksheet: Inference, Message & Purpose

Biology (for those taking)
-Practical Practice Worksheet
-TYS Topics on Cells, Movement of Substances & Enzymes
-Biology Filing

NOTE: Practical Test is in Term 2 Week 2
(Check email from Ms Lim for details)

-Join S&W Google Classroom and fill in the Coaching Sheets and Team Members Lists
-[STANDARD CHINESE: ZHANG ZHONG CLASS] 综合填空(一)and 阅读理解一 (练习 一)

1) Chemistry Performance Task (Group) [1st DEADLINE: Friday 10/3/17, FINAL DEADLINE: Monday, 27/3/17]
2) Chinese [Standard] Performance Task (Group) [DUE: Tuesday, 14/3/17,]
3) Mathematics Performance Task (Group) [DUE: Monday, 27/3/17]

Okay, I think that's it. Comment below if I missed anything, thanks.
And so Term 1 has ended, make sure to get a good rest after so many sleepless nights following Level Tests :D

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