Thursday, April 13, 2017

Homework 13 April

Here's the homework for today
COMMON TEST IS COMING, starting to revise would be a good idea... don't forget to take breaks though :D
All the best guys!

-FILING (Content Page is in Google Classroom)

[Ex 2.3 Q 7a,9a,9b]
[Ex 2.3 Q 9e, 7b]

[TB Ex 2.1 Q15b,c]

-Common Test Practice Paper

-Common Test Practice Paper

-Radians Notes Pg 4 Q3 & Pg 5 Q4,5

-Chemical Calculations WB (Check Google Classroom post for questions to do)
[due: 18/4/17 Thursday] (EXTENDED)

-Practice Paper [due Week 6]

-Pg 1-6 of Acids & Bases Notes [due by 17 April] (check Google CR for details)

-Worked Example 3, Checkpoint 1 (Percentage Yield) & Worked Example 1-2 (Percentage Purity) in Moles Notes 3

-Read up Pg 11 of Moles Notes 3

Social Studies
-Page 61 of SS textbook (write on foolscap)
-2 Questions in Google Classroom

History (for those taking)
-Reliability Questions

(refer to newly-created WhatsApp chat for Content Page)

Biology (for those taking)
-Nutrition in Humans

Physics (for those taking)
-Worksheet 6 of WB

-2014 Common Test Paper

Hu Juan Class: 
-Mock Paper 2 (rest of the questions)
-Fill in Words into blanks Worksheet 
-FILING (by next Tuesday)

1) History Performance Task
2) Physics Performance Task

I think that's it. Comment below if I missed anything. Thanks.

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