Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Homework 25 April

Here's the homework for today

All the best for CTs guys 
We're all probably already dead inside right now but let's just get it over with because after that its JUNE HOLIDAYS :D

-Inference Practice Questions (in Google Classroom)

(Q15 of Pg 125)

-Q1-4 of Worksheet (given out today)


-Common Test Practice Paper

-Common Test Practice Paper

-Common Test Revision Quiz

-EOY Practice Paper [due Week 6]

-Check your answers for TYS Questions

-TYS Acids & Bases Questions (details on Google CR) [due 26/4/17]

Social Studies
-SRQ Practice on "Why foreigners migrate to Singapore?"

History (for those taking)
-Touch up on your presentation for Final Submission

(refer to newly-created WhatsApp chat for Content Page)

Biology (for those taking)

-Practice Paper (rest of it)

Physics (for those taking)
-2016 CT Paper (due Wed)


Hu Juan Class: 
-议论文Practice Worksheet
NOTE: Chi Class is in 302 tomorrow

1) Physics Performance Task

- Monday A-math lesson swapped with E-math lesson on Wednesday 

I think that's it. Comment below if I missed anything. Thanks.

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