Monday, May 29, 2017

June Holiday Homework :D

Hey guys, it's the June holidays now, here is your List of Fun Activities to do :)
Let me know if I missed out anything. Don't forget to take a long, deserved break.


-AES Practice Paper (in Google CR; due 23 June)

[Other papers are optional]


-June Holiday Revision Paper 


-June Holiday Revision Paper 
(Assignments 1-3 COMPULSORY)


-Titration Practical Worksheet

-Ammonia Notes (Self Directed Learning)

-2016 ANCA Paper

Social Studies

-SBQ Practice (in Google Classroom)

History (for those taking)

-Group Research on Topic 1 or 2 (Present in Slides/Doc)

Biology (for those taking)

-Transport in Plants WB: 
MCQ -> Q1,2,3,4
Structured Qns -> Q1,2,3

-Transport in Flowering Plants Revision worksheet

Physics (for those taking)


None (yay)

Chinese (Hu Juan Class)

-作文(5) [Writing Topic is in Google CR]



1) Physics Performance Task
2) Biology Performance Task
3) Chinese AA 2 [Deadline for DRAFT SCRIPT: 26 June] [FINAL SUBMISSION: 7 July]


I think that's it. Comment below if I missed anything. Thanks.

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