Friday, June 30, 2017

Homework 30 June


-Prepare for Mock Debate


-AM06d [Ex 7.5, TB Pg 185-186, Q4,8,9,10]

-Pg 6-7 of Exponential Graphs Additional Notes (2) 



-Salt Preparation Practical Worksheet

-Titration Practical Worksheet

-Salt Preparation Handout Pg 5-8 (Pg 8 only do the top-most question)

*NOTE: Bring Ammonia Notes, both Practical worksheets, Remedial Worksheets (if you have) & WORKBOOK next TUESDAY

Social Studies

History (for those taking)

Biology (for those taking)

-Transport in Plants WB (due 4 July)

*NOTE: Makeup Lesson next Tuesday, 4-5pm@ Tutorial Room 4 (Compulsory for ALL)

Physics (for those taking)

-WB Worksheet 8 on Temperature selected questions (if not finished during holidays)

-TYS Selected Questions (if not finished during holidays)


Chinese (叶老师 Class)


1) Physics Performance Task
2) Biology Performance Task
3) Chinese AA 2 [Deadline for DRAFT SCRIPT: 26 June] [FINAL SUBMISSION: 7 July]


I think that's it. Comment below if I missed anything. Thanks.

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