Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Homework 11 July


-Prepare for 2nd round of Debate


TB Ex 7.5, Q4,8,9,10
TB Ex 2.4 Q10 
TYS Unit 4 Q12

TB Ex 8.1 Q6,8 (i) (iii),9,10 (for 10(ii), find the exact value)
TO BE CONTINUED: Q7,13, and do ALL of Q8


-Example 6 & 7 of Notes


-Pg 8 of Inquiry Based Handout (remaining questions)

-Qualitative Analysis Practical Worksheet

Social Studies

-Think Tank Activity

History (for those taking)

-History SEQ: To what extent was Hitler's rise to power due to his leadership abilities? Explain your answer.

Biology (for those taking)

-Upload your video of heart dissection (with annotations)

Physics (for those taking)

-WB Worksheet 8 on Temperature selected questions (if not finished during holidays)

-TYS Selected Questions (if not finished during holidays)


Chinese (叶老师 Class)


1) Physics Performance Task
2) Biology Performance Task


I think that's it. Comment below if I missed anything. Thanks.

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