Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Homework 19 July


-Populate the Oral Practice Sheet


-Notes Pg 18 Example 13

TYS Pg 20 Q1,2
TB Ex 8.2 Q13

-Coordinate Geometry Notes (details in Email/WhatsApp)


Ex 6B Q8
Ex 6C Q7
Ex 6B (continued) Q9,10,11
Ex 6C (continued) Q9,10,11

-Notes Pg 15-16, Examples 9,10,11


-Pg 8 of Inquiry Based Handout (remaining questions)

-Qualitative Analysis Practical Worksheet (Anions Test + Gas Test)

Social Studies

-3 SRQ Questions 

1) Suggest 2 ways that will enhance community interaction in public housing.

2) Suggest 2 ways that will foster a harmonious relationship among Singaporeans in their work places.

3) Suggest 2 ways in which greater friendships can be built among students in educational institutions.

History (for those taking)

-Group Work on Hitler's rise to power (see details in Google Classroom)

Biology (for those taking)

-Read up on Cardiac Cycle in TB, and fill in Google Form (Google Classroom)

Physics (for those taking)


-Tutorial Worksheet

Chinese (叶老师 Class)

-口试练习 (Google Classroom)

-实用文 (4)


1) Physics Performance Task
2) Biology Performance Task

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